Terms of service PicsRiver.com

1. Definition:

PicsRiver, https://picsriver.com designates the physical owner(s) of the site and the persons who may supplement the management of the site. The user designates the natural person who uploads an image to host it on our servers.

2. Limitation of responsibility:

PicsRiver cannot be held responsible for the content of images hosted on their server(s). PicsRiver cannot be the target of complaints about the content of hosted images. However, PicsRiver reserves the right to remove without any warning, images that do not correspond to the terms of use of PicsRiver or paedophile, xenophobic, racist, antisemitic, but also any other images contrary to French law and inciting hatred and violence.

3. Confidentiality:

PicsRiver uses different ways to store certain personal data about the use of the service:
  • E-mail Address
  • IP Address
  • Cookies
When you host an image (by clicking on the "Send" button), the IP address will be automatically saved in our database with the corresponding image, and eventually the e-mail. The purpose of this function is to track down illegally hosted images. The PicsRiver team reserves the right to view the photos hosted on their servers but also agrees not to disclose their links to anyone, except when these images do not respect the terms of use presented on this page.

4. Usage:

The PicsRiver site allows any user to host an image on our servers for free, to facilitate its diffusion on forums, instant messaging, chats, or other public or private means of communication. When the user hosts an image, its IP address is automatically stored in our servers associated with the image address as well as the e-mail address if specified by the user. The user also undertakes to respect the terms of use. Personal information (IP address, e-mail) can be given to the authorities upon a court order addressed to PicsRiver. Hosted images are the exclusive property of the user (©). This user is also responsible for the images it hosts. We would like to inform you that PicsRiver is a service for people who do not have a private online area. Therefore, the use of PicsRiver to host graphic elements that make up the design of a website, forum or blog is prohibited.

5. Right of review:

PicsRiver reserves the right to update the terms of use presented on this page without prior notice. The user undertakes to consult these terms regularly.
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